Mission-Critical Power Services

We provide Diagnostic Managed Emergency Services

Powersurance provides continuous performance and efficiency monitoring to enhance the profitability and sustainability of your business.

We perform and oversee routine maintenance to keep your systems operating at peak efficiency and maximum reliability to minimize any chance of system disruptions.

Commercial contracts available for all industries covering:
Data centers
Facility management

Our Services


Managed Services

Emergency Response

Engineering, Furnish and Install (EFI)

We create customized solutions and strategic plans for your critical power systems. Our experienced team will offer the most comprehensive and cost effective critical power solution for your industry and then complete the installation from start to finish.

Site Evaluation/Analysis

Not sure what your power needs are? We’ll come in and assess your specific application requirements.

 OEM Factory and Support

Continuous power protection and customer support. We work 24/7 to solve problems, answer questions, and produce prompt solutions for all your major and minor complications.

 Thermographic IR Scanning

Advancements in infrared detection equipment now provides us with thermographic imaging capabilities that detect problem areas associated with excess heat resulting in failing systems. By utilizing thermographic imaging, technicians can locate and diagnose issues.

Equipment & Battery Installation

Full delivery and installation of your equipment and batteries, ensuring proper inspection, function, efficiency and safety.





Equipment Rentals

A cost efficient solution for temporary power intermissions and a lower cost alternative to purchasing expensive equipment in transitory power situations. 

System Commissioning

We ensure that systems are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to all operational requirements to avoid any future power insufficiencies.

Decommissioning Services

We help to plan successful decommissioning of your facility due to demolition, construction or any other voluntary shutdown. We’ll regulate the safety and security of your superstructure to implement a successful operation.

EPA Recycling

Environmental protection is important to us. We recycle batteries and other hazardous wastes according to EPA standards.

IEEE Discharge Testing

System and Software testing for compliancy within the standards of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Our Power Solutions
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Powersurance offers emergency and daily efficiency monitoring to guarantee the safety and sustainability of your business.

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