UniPower LLC Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

By Matt McDevitt

By Jennifer McDevitt / President of UniPower LLC

It was almost 22 years ago, and we were on the flight to visit my parents in Taiwan. Matt and I were discussing our travel schedule for the following month while our 8-month-old Sarah slept. At that time, I was traveling extensively all over US for Siemens Medical Systems plus occasional trips to the factories in Germany and Sweden. Matt was also traveling internationally a lot for Computer Power Inc. for sales/service/training seminars. I’d just recently finished a month-long annual trade show in Chicago, where I had to work over the Thanksgiving holiday. I could only come home over the weekend during that time, and Matt had to take care of Sarah all by himself. We realized that our work travels were tough on each other and also for our child. We couldn’t even imagine having any more kids then.

We then discussed starting our own business so we can control our travel. We decided to cut our household expenses in half and live off of my income so that Matt could start working full time for our company from our basement office. With the help of some friends, we set up UniPower. In one year, Matt generated enough work that I was able to quit Siemens to come home too.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning. We frequently had cash flow problems. We borrowed money from family and lived off of credit cards some times, too. However, by no longer traveling extensively, we were able to have more children. Even when our office moved out of our house to a warehouse building, I was able to create a play area in my office where our kids can play, nap, and watch movies while I worked. We had the flexibility to be available for our children’s special events at home, church, and school.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of UniPower as a limited liability company. We have an incredible team of hardworking people that makes UniPower LLC successful. We are growing steadily, and we are having our best year ever. Thank you to many friends and families who supported us over the years. Whether you helped us by lifting batteries, babysitting our kids, teaching us engineer geeks about accounting and how to run business, or just merely praying for us, etc., we couldn’t have done it on our own. We are so blessed to have you all.

Happy 20th Anniversary, UniPower LLC!